Affordable log cabin floor plans

Log cabin floor plans and foundations

I decided to put log cabin floor plans in this section. This will talk about preparing the actual foundation of log homes. Log cabins still need a solid foundation to rest upon. Without it, the insects would have the bottom logs eaten and rotted out in just a few years. Weird huh?

For that reason and several others, we need to make solid foundations to put our log homes on so they can last a lot longer and be worth more.

log cabin foundation

You’ll mark off the foundation and excavate it according to the local codes. The climate and frost depths will determine how deep and how wide to make the log cabin foundation. Cabin foundations are the same as frame house foundations where they have a footer and a foundation wall.

log home foundation

The foundation will be the same as any foundation as I covered in my
awesome home foundation

log cabin cement

The footing will be the first cement pour, then the foundation wall. Don’t forget to put in the anchor bolts either. Once that is done you can put on the first layer of logs. It will usually be a split log that fits onto the anchor bolts for stability.

A layer of insulation, called “chinking” will need to be put down first and between each layer of logs.

Once the foundation or basement is complete, we can get started on the cabin walls. At this point you can decide if you want to build the floor. The floor will be the same as in frame houses as you will be using floor joists or beams.

Some people prefer to build the log cabin walls before the floor to avoid damage to the floor in case a log is dropped. I like to have the floor to stand on while I’m working on the log walls.

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