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Bathroom renovation photos

Isn’t it fun to look at bathroom-tile-photos and dream? It’s time to make that dream a reality. I’ll teach you how to build your own dream bathroom and save over $10,000 in the process in my eBook, Bathroom Tile and Shower Pans.

bathroom photos

Imagine yourself relaxing in a jetted tub or showering in a luxurious setting. The right bathroom environment can be therapeutic and offer seclusion where you can heal from a stressful world.

I can help you
create the bathroom of your dreams;

An average tile bathroom costs around $13,000. Skilled labor is expensive. Most homeowners can’t afford to hire professionals to build dream bathrooms with all the luxuries so they scale back on their dreams.

If you could save $10,000+
and have the deluxe bathroom worthy
of everyone’s envy would you do it?

bathroom ideas

I’ve noticed a definite shift from the older style of “toilet and shower” bathrooms to the new “spa style” bathrooms and it has everything to do with the new stresses of daily life.

jetted bath

Any real estate agent will tell you that bathrooms are the most important rooms in determining a sale. Most bathroom remodeling projects help raise the appraised value of a home, while many other areas of home remodeling have diminishing returns on investments made. These photos will give you an idea of some of the modern projects with tile.

I’ve compiled an eBook, Bathroom Tile and Shower Pans, that teaches you how to build a dream bathroom. It follows the process from start to finish of a master bathroom remodeling, and at a fraction of the price.

Here’s sample pictures
of the finished remodeled bathroom
with full tile shower
and two person jetted tub.

jetted bath

tile counter

bathroom tile

Photograph samples from book

bathroom photosbathroom remodel

Bathroom Tile and Shower Pans gives you thorough, easy to follow instructions designed for beginners with large high quality photos.

Learn how to make your own cement shower pan. Follow step by step instructions for a leak proof, less expensive alternative. Also works great for unconventional designs like this neo-angle shower.

It’s my goal to help you get a dream bathroom without the high cost of hired labor or an expensive eBook.

You won’t find a better eBook with more information and high quality pictures.

tile book

• Build your own dream bathroom

• Save over two-thirds the cost

• Design your very own place of refuge and relaxation

• Create a bathroom of high value in your home

• Get inexpensive luxuries that you deserve

• 61 pages

• 150 photos and illustrations

• Electrical, plumbing, mortar, drywall, tile, and finish work

• Also 10 modern bathroom plans complete with floor plans