Basic network cat 5 wiring diagram

A simple cat 5 wiring diagram can help us avoid a lot of troubleshooting when it comes to home network wiring. It's a good idea to test each rj-45 circuit after you terminate the connection ends.

The testers will test each wire channel in the cable. There will be eight channels and all need to be working. The light will scan through each channel, if the channel doesn't illuminate, you'll need to do over the connections.

cat 5 wiring diagram

To start out, you'll need to first run the cat5 cable. Then to terminate the ends, you'll need to cut or lightly scribe a ring about 1-inch from the end of the cable.

I use a utility knife, then I bend the cable casing so it breaks apart at the cut. There will be a nylon string inside the cable that will get in the way so you need to cut it off.

Now, the cables will be exposed, so put them in order starting with white-orange. See the picture.

cat5 diagram

OK, so maybe the picture below will show it a little better. Sometimes we have to see it in real life to better understand.

rj-45 wiring

Whoa, the closeup shot looks like a pile of venomous, spitting, cobras!

Sometimes the long wires are unruly, so you need to cut them down to about 1/2-inch. The rj-45 crimper has a special cutter that cuts the wires evenly and straight across.

Push the wires into the rj-45 termination end making sure each wire goes in the order it is supposed to be in.

connect cat5

Next, you can crimp the termination end with the crimper. Squeeze it hard to get a good connection. It's important to test the connection to make sure you have good continuity on all eight channels. Line testers are cheap and very much worth the money.

Some people say that with wireless routers, CAT-5 wiring is becoming more obsolete. That could be true, but I like to use data pots for added security instead of wireless.

There is also the added advantage of having the wiring in place for home security systems and phone systems. Besides, CAT-5 cable is cheap these days and it only takes about a half day to wire your whole house with cable in each room.

It's a great idea to plan and diagram your home network ahead of time before you start installing electrical systems.

how to wire cat5

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