Choosing bathroom linen cabinets to enhance your space

Enhance your decor with modern bathroom linen cabinets

Functionality and design can come together in bathroom linen cabinets helping you get the most out of your bathroom space. Modern construction contracts are allowing more money to be spent on bathroom cabinets because it is a valuable selling point to home buyers. Many cabinet makers tell me that they are now designing bathroom overhead cabinets for many homes. That’s new.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, but you will want to choose something with functionality over the way it looks. These types of cabinets are space savers.

bathroom linen storage

This is especially important in bathrooms where there is a limited amount of space. Even though you have limited space, you still need to have a good place to put bathroom linens in.

bathroom linen cabinet

Wall cabinets are good for limited space areas. You can put a garbage can, clothes hamper, or even a towel cabinet under the wall cabinet.

bathroom counter top

Many bathroom counter tops have matching linen cabinets for extra storage space. Larger families will need to have a place to put extra towels. You can put a lot of towels under the
in the bathroom vanity.

linen rack

It’s very handy to have an upright towel cabinet so you don’t have to bend over to get a towel from under the sink. These upright linen cabinets are really popular right now.

bathroom linen cabinet

Modern bathrooms should also have a free standing linen cabinet for extra storage space. It’s a good place to keep bath related items that you want to keep out of the way.

bathroom linen storage
Another good way to keep things out of view is by using bathroom dresser drawers. Many cabinet makers are designing bathroom dressers when just a decade ago, these were hardly ever considered.

upright linen cabinet

Some bathroom cabinets are quite fancy, but I prefer to keep things simple. Always choose function over form.

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