e book download of electrical formulas to print out and read

Electrical formulas and diagrams

I’ve put together some electrical formulas with electrical diagrams, codes and symbols for fast reference. I hope you like them.The Quick Guide E book download features Residential Wiring Diagrams, Codes, Electrical formulas and Symbols to help you successfully and safely complete your wiring.

You get all this valuable information:

  • Electrical Circuts
  • Electrical Blueprints
  • Simple outlet wiring diagram
  • Pigtail GFCI outlet diagram
  • Single switch before light and after light
  • Three way switch with light in center, with light at end
  • Four way switch with light at end
  • Dedicated circuts
  • Service entrance to breaker box diagram
  • Breaker box diagram
  • Cable sizes defining types and amps
  • Voltage strength and wire size
  • National code for GFCI’s, electrical boxes, branch circuts and outlets
  • Glossary of electrical terms
  • Residential Electrical Guidelines
  • Symbols for electrical switches, fixtures, outlets, communications
  • Ohm’s law

  • house wiring diagram
    Click on the ebook or this link. It will take you to my main E book library.

    The images below show some of the pages within the download. There are formulas for calculating voltages and wattage which are important for large appliances if you need to calculate current for breakers.

    Most of the brain work for calculating cable sizes and breaker sizes has already been done though. That is what the local codes are for. Electrical inspectors will help you make sure that you have all the right components in place before they turn the power on.

    By having the diagrams, codes and formulas right in front of you while you run your wires, you’ll feel the confidence and assurance that you’ve done the job right! Diagrams are the easiest way to understand wiring circuits. I want to make sure you do the job correctly and safely.

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