Electrical blueprints that show plans for lighting circuits

Residential electrical blueprint drawing

In this actual blue print drawing, you see the dashed lines and electrical symbols indicating the lighting planned on this small house plan. Blueprint software programs help create a great plan for any house plan. Blueprint software design programs and software help make a difficult job easy.

Blueprint drafters and architectural engineers are getting a lot of competition from some of the more advanced home design software.

electrical blue print

Electricians know the codes for your area and can help you in the planning and placement of all electrical outlets and switches. These can then be worked into your blueprint.

The electrical inspector will provide you with all the local codes and regulations that are necessary to pass inspection. It’s also a good idea to have a knowledge of how electrical codes, formulas and diagrams are laid out. You can get a lot of this information on my electrical formulas page.

Once you download that free Ebook about home wiring, you will need to study how the electrical diagrams and circuits are installed. Also notice how the different wire sizes are used each with their corresponding breakers. If you’re familiar with each of these things, you will have more confidence about your wiring projects.

A knowledge of home wiring will help a lot when you’re drawing up electrical blueprints.
Most electricians will follow the blueprints to the letter. I’ve seen some of the old school electricians wire things a little differently. Most of the time, it’s up to code, but if not, it will need to be done right.

If you are going to hire the electrical wiring to be done, make sure to get an electrician that is up to date on modern codes.

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