Advanced electrical schematic symbols for switches

A big part of electrical schematic symbols is the section on the electrical switch. The charts below cover many different kinds of switches and combination switches. There are many kinds of switches in a home. For example, there are always single pole switches, but there are also 3-way and 4-way switches which have their own symbol. Thermostats, fans and fluorescent lights need their own switch as well. Electricians, contractors and inspectors need to know all this important stuff. That's why we have a lot of switch symbols.

You will find in the symbol charts below, certain symbols that pertain to commercial and industrial wiring. You probably won't need many of these in your house blueprints, but I wanted to be thorough.

blueprint switch symbols

electrical switch symbols

It's important that architects make very descriptive plans about their construction projects. Contractors need specific details when they plan out electrical routes and cable runs. Carpenters and plumbers also need to know how to read electrical blueprints so that they are all compatible with the project.

That's why there are so many different electrical symbols. A contractor can look at the blueprints and know exactly what type of electrical device to install and what wiring methods to use.

The Electrical inspector can usually look at your blueprints and see if there are any problems before he or she even comes to your building site. Electrical symbols help lay out the circuits so they make sense.

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