Electrical symbols for use with blueprints for beginning home builders

A chart of modern electrical symbols

Here’s some modern electrical symbols used frequently by any electrical contractor and homeowners that want to save money by doing their own electrical labor. These include some of the more involved applications that aren’t used in normal residential wiring, but for the most part the symbols listed here are used a lot in electrical home wiring.

Low-voltage and data port network outlets like phone jacks and TV cable jacks are different and so they go in a category called “communications”. You can find the low-voltage symbols
Architects like to put all the blueprint symbols in to make the plans more descriptive. The charts below will help you decipher the outlets as they can be quite difficult to understand sometimes.

If you are planning your own home blueprint, you can use these symbols to indicate what goes where.

***Electrical symbols for outlets***

electrical symbols

Most of these outlets are common in residential wiring. There are dedicated outlets for single appliances like clothes dryers and ovens that have their own specific outlets.

Remember, things like water heaters and HVAC systems are hard-wired meaning they don’t have outlets, but are wired directly into the appliance and are usually encased in a protective shielding as it comes out of the wall.

electrical blueprint symbols

It’s important to note that this list is not exhaustive by any means. There are many newer symbols that are used because of newer types of electronic and electrical devices. Always check with your local Electrical inspector to get the most current plans and codes in your area.

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