electrical wiring symbols for home electric circuits

Blueprint electric symbols for home wiring

We should all know a few of these electric symbols and electrical wiring diagrams. While creating floor plans for new homes, we use a lot of electrical diagrams. I like to use floor plans software programs to help with circuit runs and floor plan wiring outlays. In addition to electrical symbols, architects will also design blueprints using architectural symbols and plumbing symbols in general.

Home wiring involves many different types of circuit runs that have individual needs and standards. 240-volt circuits require heavy cable and breakers while communication circuits like phones and networking require small cables with no breakers.

Each has its own electric symbol that helps us know how and where to run the cables and outlets along with its respective breaker or fuse.

Most architectural design software programs have a complete line up of all the symbols needed to make your own house plans.

There are many different electrical circuits with special needs. Accurate house plans are important.

Here are a few types of electric symbols. It’s a fun part of the housebuilding process to plan out the blueprints and create the best home for your needs.

Electrical Symbols for Blueprints

If you want more advanced electric symbols, you can go to the
blueprint symbols pages
that have a buttload of modern blueprint symbols.

These symbols are a little fuzzy, but they are accurate. The hardest part of reading blueprints is the electric symbols. If you know what they mean, you can track them to get a very good idea how the home’s electrical system is laid out. If you want to become an electrician, you should learn these symbols really well.

Many home improvement projects require the blueprints from the home when it was built.

If you have the original blueprints you will have a much easier time
refinancing your house
and will save a lot of headaches from not having to draw up complete plans again.

Banks and loan companies at least like to know the house was up to code when it was financed before.

You’ll want to keep the blueprints to your home in a safe place. These come in handy for remodeling projects and home repair emergencies. Every electrical contractor really appreciates electrical blueprints that the homeowner kept. It helps his or her job a lot.

electrical switch symbols

These are some of the common switch symbols for describing electrical circuits and the places to activate the fixtures. It also includes things like the breaker box and load center symbols.

breaker symbols

Electricians will often use these types of symbols to describe things like low-voltage circuits for phones, security systems, and networking cables.

gfci symbols

lighting symbols

Some symbols describe fixtures and the circuits they’re on that need to be separated from networking cables to reduce electrical-magnetic interference.

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