Example of a home blue print designed by an engineer

Home blue print example

This is an actual architectural engineer’s copy of a home blueprint. It’s kind of fuzzy because the plans are 24-inches by 48-inches. You can design your own house using architectural design software if you want to, but I like to use a big piece of paper instead.

Let’s start off with the front view of the home plan. Engineers will often use this as a cover sheet so that the owner and builder can get the exact first impression of how the plan is designed.

We have basically covered how to read blue print plans, but there are still a few things you just have to learn firsthand.

home blueprints

house blue prints

The main floor plan is an architectural blue print of a top view that looks down on the blueprint. You can see entryways, doors and walls.


The home plans should include the crawlspace or basement plans. Most basement plans don’t need to be very detailed because basements don’t have to be finished for the home to be considered finished.

electric diagram plan

Electric plans show where all the electrical components will be wired.

foundation plan blue prints

The foundation plans include the details like footer measurements, frost levels, and slope or grade levels when necessary.

floor framing blue prints

These plans usually have the floor joist placement and roof truss placement. The spacing measurements, nailing schedule, and beam schedule is usually included in this part of the plans.

For windows, doors,truss, and nailing schedules, go here

blue print details

The details section is where the architect draws special details that might need special attention. Inspectors like to have vivid details. These are things that need special descriptions because they are usually unique.

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