Framing a wall for a bathroom shower stall

Ideas for framing a wall for a shower stall

The steps for framing a wall for a shower stall or any bathroom wall is quite easy. The important thing for any wall framing is to get all the measurements square and accurate. This is especially important because we will be using cement board which is harder to cut to make custom fits in crooked areas.

framing a shower

Now we can frame in the shower pan and walls. The beauty of making our own concrete shower pan is that we can make it any size or shape we want. I just went with a simple no-frills, neo-angle corner design. I was dealing with odd-sized space but fortunately I was pouring my own mortar and it didn’t have to be a designated size for a pre-made shower pan.

install shower drain

Notice how I’ve added an extra 2×4 around the top of the shower pan in the photo. You will want to have at least a 7-inch high wall for the rubber membrane to drape over. You will also want to make sure that the shower entrance barrier step is at least 5-inches high.

framing corner shower
I know what you’re thinking, “Holy crap , that wall stud is really warped!” Building with green lumber 13 years ago had its setbacks.

Anyway, for the new framing, I’ve built a shower stall with a ceiling for the recessed shower light. The shower door opening needs to be between 26 and 32-inches if you’re planning on installing a glass door. If you are planning on buying a shower door, be sure to get measurements from the manufacturer.

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