Home network plan for home security and Internet wiring

Home network plan

All new homes should have a home network plan that makes internet communication possible from almost every room. Network wiring can also be used for residential security systems and phone lines.

First we need to lay out a good outline for the comm lines. If you are just building the house and the walls are still open then it’s totally easy to run the cables.

If not, then you can either get creative with a drill and fish tape, or go wireless.

network wiring

The cable we will use is the same thing the phone lines are made of. It’s called CAT5 cable. Short for Category-5 cable. Back when it was new, it was really expensive, so it was only used for high speed data lines. Now, it’s dirt cheap and everybody uses it. A good network plan uses a lot of cable.

It’s an 8-wire communications cable. A separate line of CAT5 will be run from the main distribution panel or the network router to each room.

network cable

CAT5 comes in lots of different colors and is really easy to work with as is most low-voltage wiring.

network hub

This is a distribution panel that has coax cable hookups for cable TV. TV wiring is much the same as CAT5 only you use RG-59 coax and F-connectors. It still runs the same as CAT5 from the distribution panel to each room.

dsl router

Most people don’t use a full blown distribution panel with their home network plan. Most of us just put a router or a hub in one of our rooms, so I’ll show that also. below I have the front and back view of how to connect a DSL router and a satellite router.

The phone or satellite company will install your comm devices for you, but you will have to run your comm lines from the hub to each room. Here’s the pics how to do it anyway.

network connections

satellite wiring

satellite earthlink

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