House plan blueprint symbols for electrical, plumbing, and architectural plans

All blueprint symbols for homebuilders

House plan blueprint symbols are necessary in any home design or home plan because it helps the architect communicate his home ideas with the electrician, the plumbers, the carpenters and all other contractors.

I must suppose with all the regulation from inspectors and lawmakers, these symbols are increasingly important in building construction.

There was a time when architects had to be on the building site to help decipher blueprint symbols, but that has changed. Now, general contractors are much smarter and they have to know how to read blueprints.
There are basically, the electrical, architectural, and plumbing symbols.

I have provided a quick and dirty chart to these three areas if you only want to know the very basics on my
blueprints page.

For those who need a little bit more information about blueprints and blueprint symbols, I’ve created some extra pages below. Because there are so many Electrical regulations, I’ve included several pages involving electric symbols.

residential electrical symbolsSymbols for Switches

Symbols for Outlets

Symbols for Fixtures

Symbols for Comm/Data

residential plumbing sysmbols

Plumbing symbols for residential dwellings are fairly easy to understand because there aren’t that many plumbing components involved in residential structures. I’ve included several commercial applications just to be thorough. I hope it’s not too confusing.

Blueprint plumbing symbols

residential architect symbols

Architectural symbols are straight forward in residential dwellings. We can recognize a lot of them like doors, windows, stairs, baths, counters, etc.

These are the symbols we see most of the time so they should be a little more familiar than the electrical and plumbing symbols.

Architectural symbols

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