Building a home on low income

Building a home on low income is more affordable than it was just a few years ago, if you have good credit. The prices for building materials are falling which is great news for owner builders.

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That's right, the housing market has taken a huge down turn. That means that the prices for lumber, cement, and everything else is going down.

Wafer board has already dropped by about $4 a sheet in the last few months. I predict it will reach a low of around $10 in the Spring.

It's a fantastic time to be building your own home!


The housing boom has been healthy for the economy, but not very good for those of us wanting to buy materials for a home.

Now it's good for us and it will get even better. Everybody needs to build something.

dog building a house

As a rule of thumb, I always consider the price of waferboard to be a good indicator of the over all price of building materials. It is used for many different things in home construction.

Housing low income individuals is everybody's responsibility if we admit it or not. I have helped several low income families reach their goals of homeownership.

My methods help those that don't know how to help themselves. This builds self esteem and turns a lifetime of bad luck around to be a very positive and hopeful future.

There are several housing programs that help first time homeowners find available funds to build houses.

You can find almost any information about low income housing at:

Hud housing programs

If you or someone you know needs assistance with housing, try HUD before anything. It's a government program that helps the most low income people obtain affordable housing.

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