How to choose and install an outdoor water fountain

Choosing a large outdoor water fountain that will accentuate, not dominate

Many people want to have a large outdoor water fountain or garden fountain because it’s a status symbol. However, too large a garden water fountain can look ridiculous. Remember, landscaping and outdoor features are all about balance.

garden fountain

When landscapers design a yard, they consider what will look the best without seeming too overdone or crowded.

Water fountains are a great landscaping feature as long as they don’t overpower the rest of the landscape design.
Sometimes simple waterfalls or waterspouts can be adequate for a certain design.

pond water fountain

Whatever the preference of fountains, you will need a pump and a hose that circulates the water. There are a lot of really creative ways to hide the pump and the hose.

The electric cable will also need to be hidden so that people don’t trip over it or even see it. The power switch also needs to be in an easy to reach location to turn the pump on and off.

fountain diagram

One thing to remember about a fountain pump or a waterfall pump is they shouldn’t be on the bottom of the pond. They will suck up a lot more sediment and will wear out sooner.

It’s best to elevate the pump with a couple of bricks or rocks so that it is two or three inches off the bottom of the pond or pool.

Secure the pump in place really well because pumps move and vibrate.

water fountain ideas

There are two things to consider when buying a fountain pump for your fountain or waterfall. First, you need to consider GPH (gallons per hour).

Second, you need to consider how high the water needs to be pumped. If you have a four-foot tall fountain and the pump is in the base, then the pump needs to pump four feet high.

These two things matter a lot. Many pumps have variable pump speeds to control the rate of gallons per hour. Some things need a big pump like the waterfall above. Most large outdoor water fountains will need a large pump to do the trick.

garden waterfall ideas

Some fountains don’t require much horsepower at all to run like the fountain angels above.

bird bath fountain

Bird bath fountains are still really popular. They will probably always be a stylish garden landscaping accessory.

pool waterfall

Pool waterfalls are becoming popular because they can hide background noise and they add a touch of nature to a yard.

landscaping waterfall examples

yard fountain

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