How to use a vinyl siding cutter for home siding construction

The vinyl siding cutter and tools

The vinyl siding cutter and the rest of the tools are all very inexpensive. There are only a few actual vinyl siding tools that you will need.It’s a good idea to have a comfortable vinyl cutter so your hands don’t get accidentally cut.

Vinyl really is a dream to work with and it’s such an exceptional product. The difference that siding makes on a home is unbelievable.

You won’t really need a saw for cutting the vinyl because it’s so easy to cut with vinyl shears. If you want to get a perfect cut though, a Skilsaw with a vinyl cutting blade will do the job.

vinyl cutting saw
The vinyl cutting saw blade makes even cuts when you have a lot of panels to cut. You can get almost the same affect by turning a normal skilsaw blade around backwards for cutting vinyl. If you’re going to do this, make sure to wear eye protection and use gloves to protect your fingers.

vinyl cutters

The vinyl shears make short work of a lot of cutting. They aren’t as dangerous as a skilsaw and they are convenient to use anywhere. They require a fairly strong grip when cutting soffit material.

snap lock lug punch

The snap lock lug punch is one of the few tools you will actually need to have. It punches the lugs into the top piece of vinyl that fits into the utility trim. The top piece of the fascia will literally pop into place and stay secure for many years if you use snap lock lug punch tool correctly.

vinyl siding tools

The zip tool is great for pulling vinyl panels apart when removing old vinyl. It’s also a good pry tool for new installations.

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