Landings and laminate flooring stairs

Stairways with landings are used where space is limited. The new laminate flooring stairs are very popular for this type of design. Also, landings are becoming very popular even in homes with ample living space because they make the stairs seem less intimidating and they add a touch of fun.

Laminate stair treads make a beautiful long stairway that lasts a long time. They are very durable and quite inexpensive.

If you get real hardwood, be prepared to pay a high price, but it will also be a thing of value in the home. Laminate stair treads are the best solution for someone that likes the look of natural wood, but is on a budget.

It also helps to shop around because there are many different kinds of laminate stair products. There are also many different qualities that have differing price tags.

Remember, if you install high quality stairs when you're framing in your new house, they could easily get scratched or damaged. It's best to use boards as stair treads until the finish work is being done. At that time you can install laminate or hardwood stair treads.

stair landing

If your plans include a stairway with a landing, you can use the same formula as with the long stairs, except it needs to be done as two separate stairways.

The height of the landing has to be measured using the height of the risers. For example, if you find out that each riser is going to be 7 ½ inches, the landing needs to be a square box with the height of either 22 ½ or 30 inches. (7 ½ x 3 = 22 ½, 7 ½ x 4 = 30) It depends on the number of steps you want to climb before the landing. If you use this formula, the landing will fit perfectly into place with the stairs.


build stairs

The rough work usually looks really rough and very ugly.

stair ideas Once everything is finished the landing is an inviting and safe-looking stairway.

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