Landscape trees to make your yard beautiful

Different landscape trees for small yards

There are many trees used in smaller home landscape plans. Ideally, the tree grows and fills in quickly, but doesn’t get unruly. All trees will eventually need pruning and they all need some maintenance throughout the year to be healthy and beautiful. Here are a few popular trees that landscapers use because they are beautiful and hardy.

fast growing trees

Here’s a few of the more popular trees used where there is limited space. Small yards can get away with using small trees, but if your yard is really small, it’s probably best to put in bushes and shrubs instead of trees.

arborvitae tree

The arborvitae class of trees has a wide variety of sizes and shapes. It’s a very hardy tree. It isn’t a really fast growing tree, but it is beautiful the moment it is planted.

dogwood tree

Dogwood trees are a popular choice for landscapers. There are several kinds of dogwood trees each offering a different color display at certain times of the year.

There is Kousa Dogwood, Red Flowering Dogwood, Pink Flowering Dogwood, Redstone Dogwood, and Snow White Flowering Dogwood. These all make great landscape trees for small areas.

serviceberry tree

Serviceberry trees are very hardy and they look really nice in landscaping projects. They produce a berry that birds like to eat.

Personally, I think they’re really yucky, but some people like to make pies and stuff from the fruit. I don’t consider it a fruit tree.

frsythia tree

The Northern Sun Forsythia is a very hardy tree that has bright yellow flowers in the Spring, just before the leaves come on.

It is hardier than common Forsythia trees and is a fast growing tree. The foliage is the most beautiful color of green. This is a favorite among landscape trees for small yards.

magnolia tree

The magnolia family of trees are a hardy and vigorous growing class of landscaping trees. They are fairly resistant to the cold and they like a lot of sun.

They offer a beautiful color display at certain times of the year and the foliage is also full and green.

landscaping pines

Mughopines are like Juniper plants in a way. They make great ground coverings, but Mughopines grow taller and are in the tree family, not the bushes family.

These are amazingly hardy and they grow fairly quickly. Pines are used in colder climates because they thrive well there. The colder climates keep things from growing quickly, so a little patience in needed.

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