Landscaping with rocks in a desert setting or for water conservation

Creative landscaping with rocks

The popularity of landscaping with rocks is growing because of the ease of maintenance. Rocks don’t need much attention at all. They also add a sense of permanence in a residential setting.

landscaping with rocks
Stone and rocks are in abundance almost everywhere, but they are difficult to transport and heavy to ship. Most locations can enjoy the look and feel of real rocks, but some locations need to use fake rocks or faux rock.

faux rock
These fake rocks look very real to me. There are also faux panels which look like rock walls. They are much lighter than rock walls and work out really well in areas where the ground expands and contracts.

fake rock
Some people like to have each stone organized so that everything fits in place for a nice, neat effect.

rock landscaping
Other people like to have a thrown-together look so that it coincides a little more with the natural surroundings.

rock landscapes

This is a big fake rock in the middle of a round-a-bout in St. George, Utah. It looks pretty dang cool!

faux stone

Sometimes a centerpiece in the middle of a lawn looks great. I really like the way this rock is centered inside a curb ring with other rocks. My wife’s brothers designed and created these types of stone formations. They really are artists in great demand in the Southern Utah area.

rock landscaping

Stone arrangements are the most popular design right now. I don’t understand it very well, but it has something to do with the yard as a whole balancing out.

stone landscaping

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