Log cabin interior walls

Log cabin interior construction

The log cabin interior walls can be made of boards or logs. It all depends on your budget and preference. Log walls are thicker and make the interior rooms a little smaller. Board walls make interior construction easier.

As I said it’s a matter of preference according to your budget and tastes.

House logs come in different sizes. The important thing is what the manufacturer says.

Some log types need special insulation and the log cabin manufacturer knows what is best for that type of log style.

scribing house logs

To mark house logs for cutting the logs needs to be centered on top of the bottom log and scribed at the center point to the size of the matching log.

You can chip out the wood pieces with a long screw driver or a chisel. If you get too violent with an ax, you cold chip away the end block.

Log bolt screws can be drilled and set quite easily with the right drill and bit. That will secure the logs in place.

Each log will hopefully fit into place and make a uniform appearance all the way up the walls and in the corners.

Once the cabin is up to the square or all the walls are done, you will cut out the windows and doors.

You will need to make expansion cuts or splines in the log walls where the doors and windows fit into. This will allow the cabin walls to expand and contract without breaking the glass in the windows or jamming the doors.

Once the windows and doors are finished, we can start on the gable, trusses and roof.

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