Modern blueprint plumbing symbols

Reading blueprint plumbing symbols

These are some of the more advanced blueprint plumbing symbols that plumbing contractors use for commercial and industrial applications. If you’re using blueprint software, you’ll find the same symbols. Some of the more advanced home design software systems have all these symbols and they even have architectural and electrical home design.

We’ll start off with the simple plumbing fixture descriptions that help us see how things fit into our home. After the fixtures like sinks and baths, we will need to know what kind of plumbing lines to install.

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Even though many of these plumbing symbols are used for commercial and industrial buildings, they are becoming more popular in residential dwellings because of all the modern systems.

residential plumbing symbols

architect plumbing symbols

The complexity of house plans has made it necessary to have very involved blueprints. Even common plumbers need to know how to read plumbing blueprints. There have been many rules and regulations put in place over the years.

This often times discourages homeowners from doing their own work and that’s exactly what contractors want to see. All we need to do is study a few aspects of the plumbing codes and regulations to better understand how to implement them.

A lot of the regulations make sense though. For example, just about 30 years ago, anti-scald valves were considered a luxury and not a mandatory regulation. I took a lot of scald cases and injuries before it was made a mandatory code in all 50 states. Also all plumbing hot and cold mixers had to come with anti-scald valves installed.

Most of the regulations make sense.



Local building codes will determine what kinds of rules you’ll have to follow and which blueprint symbols will need to be listed on the plans.

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