Planning a blueprint interior design for modern Bedrooms

Ideas for Bedroom interiors and modern styles

A perfect choice for a simple, modern renovation project would be for bedrooms. Bedrooms are very different because people are all very different. Modern homes have such a wonderful and diverse selection of bedroom designs. Over the last decade we have seen extravagance to no end, but now people are scaling back trying to make ends meet in a tough economy. Bedrooms are not as big as they were 5 years ago on average because homes are not as big as they were. People are cutting back and it’s a refreshing thing to see.

bedroom layout

There are very few modern rules to follow to make sure your home has the most
modern bedroom furniture.

Master bedrooms should have a bathroom inside or very close access to one. Almost all home buyers consider this a necessity. They won’t even consider buying a home without a bathroom in the Master bedroom.

A type of bedroom that is growing in popularity is a two-level bedroom. The second level is only about three or four feet higher than the first floor, but it adds a nice touch for a bed up on the higher level or a desk for an office. It has stairs and a nice rail to keep people from falling off in the dark.

Deep closets are important in modern bedrooms. If you could let women design all the bedrooms in a house, it would definitely have more value. Men just need a place to sleep and that’s about it. Some of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever seen have been designed by women. They just seem to care a little more. I don’t understand it.

Here’s a small sample of some bedrooms that are economical to make, but are appealing. I hope to add more soon.


interior bedroom

I really like this log cabin bedroom with a vaulted ceiling and tongue-in-groove interior. The natural look of polished wooden walls is hard to beat.

bedroom design

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