Planning a building a concrete-shower-pan and shower stall from mortar

Concrete shower pan made with mortar for shower stalls

Making a concrete shower pan is simple and convenient because you can make it any shape or size that you want. Many homeowners spend a lot of money of shower bases and surrounds, but creating your own is much cheaper and you can take advantage of any extra space making it part of the shower stall.

A tile shower consists of the concrete shower base and the cement board on the walls. Once tile and grout are applied the water seal is very tight.
Make a concrete shower pan

The thing that concerns most people when they consider building their own shower base is the potential of leakage. If you follow these steps on the links at the bottom of this page, then you’ll never have leakage.

Making a concrete shower pan is easier than it sounds. It takes quite a bit of mortar though. The rubber membrane keeps the shower base tight from water getting out.

If you have a bathroom remodel and you have an area for the shower that is an unusual size, then definitely consider making your own shower pan.

It’s fun to get creative when planning and building shower stalls. I’ve seen a lot of recent homes that install benches for sitting on while you’re showering. This makes it a little more difficult when doing the tile work, but I think it is a great idea.

I also like the use of glass blocks in the shower walls. As we steer away from glass shower surrounds, the need for
shower lighting
becomes greater. Glass block can really help in this situation.

I have created links to every step of the process below. Enjoy!

Framing a shower pan and stall

Shower drain assembly

Pouring the first layer of mortar

Applying the rubber membrane

Installing cementboard

Applying last layer of mortar

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