Planning a small bathroom makeover with limited space

Small bathroom makeover

For a good example of a small bathroom makeover be sure to see my own
small bathroom renovation project
to see just much difference a bathroom makeover can make. Bathroom renovation is a lot of work but it’s also really rewarding.

This bathroom design is for a fairly square room. It has an adequate shower and bath without being too extravagant. It is a simple design that makes it affordable. Baths under windows is making a comeback.
new bathroom design
new bathroom plan

This plan has a large shower base with two shower stations. This is becoming very popular even though it costs more to build bigger showers. Surprisingly, this shower is very reasonable to build as far as materials, but the trade-off is that it takes a lot of work to build the concrete shower pan. The size of the shower makes it difficult to buy a pre-made shower pan.

small bathroom makeover
bathroom makeover

This bathroom plan works well for long rooms that are quite narrow. I like the green glass block surrounding the shower and the jade-colored tile on the side of the bath. Glass block is also making a comeback because it is less expensive than it used to be. It also offers privacy without shutting out the light.

bathroom renovation
affordable bathroom

The bath is the center of focus in this room. The shower is hidden. This design takes advantage of a corner space in a smaller room. If a home has wood window sills and wood door frames, a perfect choice of interior color is dark green. It adds to the wooded area look and feel of the home.

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home bathroom

This is a contemporary style bathroom for rooms with very limited space. The color choice is wild, but the design is very simple and affordable.

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