Recessed lighting installation instructions for shower lights

Recessed lighting installation instructions for shower lights

These recessed lighting install instructions can be found anywhere canister lights are sold. Bathroom lighting needs to be resistant to high humidity. Shower lights are a sealed canister light made especially for shower illumination.

Twenty years ago, it would have been difficult to find lights in any shower stall. Now, it is considered to be a crucial component.

A lot of that has to do with the shower stall itself. As we move away from glass shower stalls and move toward enclosed tile showers, we need to have illumination inside because without glass walls, showers can be pretty dark inside.

shower lighting

make a tile shower stall

Shower lighting is quite simple to install, but it has to be done using the specialized products for shower enclosed lights. These are canister lights or recessed lights that have a water tight cover.

Recessed shower lights need to be planned out in advance. Shower stalls have a lower ceiling so that recessed lights can be installed.

In the example to the left, I have removed a glass neo-angle shower to replace it with an enclosed tile shower. The lighting at the top will be in a false ceiling.

This makes room for the recessed canister to fit into.

shower light

The canister lights are installed with slides so you can center the light easier. This makes the installation a lot quicker.

shower lighting

The switch that turns on the shower light is a
simple one light switch
that has a romex cable from the electrical supply that goes to bottom terminal of the light switch and a romex cable that goes to the light itself.

shower light switch

You can even install a dimmer switch here if you want to. Hey, some people like it.

recessed light installation

Canned lights have a light baffle that fits up into the canister and pops in place once the ceiling is finished.