Stair construction

Stair construction is kind of tricky, but with the right formula anybody can learn how to build stairs. Measuring accurately here is really critical. You will want the stairs to be completely even and they need to fit into the structure of the the first and second floor in a flowing fashion.

You have to think of it this way: you have so much height you need to reach and you have to do it within a certain length. Building stairs also covers a few of the other aspects of staircases like, making long stairs where space is abundant. It's also about smaller spaces that need to take advantage of stairs with landings.

One of the most difficult parts of stairways is the handrail or guard rail. Handrails take a lot of precision. If you want stairs with carpet you can prepare for that. Finally, I've included a few examples of stairs for a few more creative ideas.

The part of the stairs that will help you accomplish the height is the risers. The length part is the treads. See pic

how to make stairs

The part of the stairs that will hold all the weight will be the stringers. See pic

how to make stairs

The treads are usually around 10 inches. That's kind of standard, but the risers completely depend on the height from the bottom floor to the top floor. Here is the formula for how to make stairs to make it easy.

A good way to know the exact riser height is by dividing the total rise by 7. Suppose the distance from bottom floor to top floor including the thickness of the second floor is about 9 feet or 108 inches. 108 divided by 7 equals 15.428. That tells you that 15 risers will be needed.

Next, divide 108 by 15 and you get right around 7 3/16 inches or the exact height each riser needs to be. The treads need to be right around 10 inches. The amount of treads will be one less than the amount of risers, so to find the total run or length of the stairs, you just multiply 10 by 14 and that tells you your stairway will be 140 inches long.

You can then mark the stringer with a carpenters square and the stairs will come out perfect. See pic

how to make stairs

stair construction

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