Wiring methods from an electrical consultant for data lines and comm

Symbols an electrical consultant will use for Communications

Any electrical consultant will use blueprint symbols to describe to the client how the layout will go. I have received many requests for advanced electrical symbols from home builders who are doing their own electrical runs. You can be your own electrical consultant and save a lot of money on labor fees. If you have enough knowledge about home wiring methods, you can plan your own wiring circuits and map them out so that each component has the power it need.

The first place to go is your local electrical inspector. He or she will be able to tell you the different codes and regulations. This will help you get started.

Here’s what I mean. Here’s an example. Inspectors will tell you that your kitchen will need two GFCI protected circuits that will be the wall outlets plus a dedicated oven/range circuit and a dedicated refrigerator circuit. Knowing this will help you get started on a plan for the kitchen electrical wiring.

This knowledge helps us all plan out our own electrical circuitry so we don’t need electrical consultants.

Electrical consultants know the importance of planning your wiring needs and placement of desired switches and outlets. They have the advantage where they have experience, but they’re not rocket scientists with knowledge others can’t learn.
The advanced electrical symbols below have the basic residential symbols, but they also have additions for commercial and industrial applications.

In planning your own advanced electrical blueprint, you can determine where your surround sound system wire boxes will be along with your data ports, doorbell chime, phones, television/cable, etc.

I like to make electrical plans on big sheets of paper. If you can get paper that’s at least 2-feet by 3-feet, you’ll be able to include every electrical symbol and detail and the will be very visible and understandable on your floor plans.

communication symbols

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